ACC's not auto updating after CS/DS split

We run an AirWatch cloud with many customers hosted on it.
Recently we have split out our Console services from Device services in to two separate servers.
All went reasonably well and working as expected………EXCEPT an interesting issue I have just found.

Whilst investigating a user issue I noticed that in the customers ACC logs that the ACC was not able to check for updates. The ACC’s worked fine before the split out of CS from DS.

2018/05/11 12:58:36.446 AKLACC 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 [0000000-0000000] (407) Error irWatch.CloudConnector.CloudConnectorService.UpdateIsRequired Update check failed to complete.
_ AirWatch Cloud Connector tried to check for an update at startup, but it was unable to do so.

_ Unable to check for update with https://mdm.{server name}/AirWatch_
_ The component may be out-of-date; THIS CONFIGURATION IS UNSUPPORTED!_
_ Please resolve the issue and restart the service to retry the update check._

The ACC checks back to the AWCM service which is usually on the device services box for AD requests, but looks to the console services for the version and update packages.

Before we split out the console and device services the URL was correct, however we have split out the console services to https://mdm-cs.{servername}/AirWatch Note the -CS, and hence nothing listening on the original URL.

Investigating the ACC configuration, in the active bank there is the CloudConnector.exe.config file and within that file it holds the URL information.
Checking other ACC’s they were throwing the same error as well.
In the example below taken from our ACC I have changed the URL in the CloudConnector.exe.config file to https://mdm-cs.{servername}/airwatch , restarted the ACC service and then in the logs I could see the ACC could check for updates again.

<cloudConnector lgId=“588” lgName=“MMNZ” autoUpdateUrl=“https://mdm-cs.{servername}/AirWatch”
_ awcmUrl=“https://mdm.{servername}:2001/awcm” awId=“https://mdm.{servername}/588/accClient”_
_ accId=“https://mdm.{servername}/588/acc” awCertificate=“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”_
_ accCertificate=“yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” numListeners=“1”_
_ processCookies=“false” useProxy=“false” proxyAddress="" proxyUsername=""_
_ proxyPassword="" />_

All new installs will have the new URL, however I will need to revisit all the existing customers ACC’s and change that config file to ensure auto update will work.

This is a reasonably important issue that AirWatch Professional Services did not inform us of, Admins need to be aware of this gotcha when doing CS/DS split outs.