Actual Device Usage

Hello friends,

I’m wondering if anyone has a good workflow (or technology flow) for determining if a device is actually being used. We do use device last seen, but this really doesn’t answer whether the device is in use… if, for example, a device is plugged in and powered up, it should in theory be reaching back to WS1… it could sit in a drawer for months and not get used.

@jmorewil - good question!!
If the devices are checking in, things you can look at are;

  1. date last iOS/OS was applied (was this done manually?)
  2. are apps being updated (first, determine the apps that need manual update)
  3. if you have access to the device SIM connection activity reports from the carrier check to see if it has been making calls, sending txts or using cellular data - this give you visibility of both dormant devices and dormant connections.

For wi-fi only devices (iPads/Tablets etc), 1 and 2 are still valid.

Maybe it is used …as a clock? :slight_smile:
Problem is, with all the privacy restrictions, virtually anything to track usage (app launches, traffic, URLs visited) would classify as “user tracking”.

If you use Tunnel you could request Tunnel logs to see if where way any activity there. If you use apps with WS1 Intelligence for Consumer Apps (ex AppTelligent) - you will see some generalized stats for those apps. If you have MobileSSO, mobile app launches will trigger WS1 Access logons and you could see something there (as in Intelligence respectively). There may be more things coming up, but I cannot comment.