AirWatch Directory search strings

I have noted that there are several different search strings that can be used when setting up directory integration through AirWatch.

I have listed the most common ones below, sometimes you have to just try them to see which one works. NOTE THE SEARCH STRINGS ARE CASE SENSITIVE

Group Object        ClassOrganizational Unit Object Class             Group Search Filter     Notes
Group               organizationalUnit                                (&(objectClass=group))
group               organizationalUnit                                (&(=group))            (AirWatch Default setting)

User Object Class            User Search Filter                                               Notes
User                         (&(objectCategory=person)(sAMAccountName={EnrollmentUser}))      notice user and person
Person                       (&(objectCategory=person)(sAMAccountName={EnrollmentUser}))      notice person and person
User                         (&(objectCategory=user)(sAMAccountName={EnrollmentUser}))        notice user and user
Group                        (&(=group)(={EnrollmentUser}))                                  (AirWatch Default setting)
Person                       samAccountName={EnrollmentUser}

Also, it has been found that the email user name pulled by default is mailNickname if you are using O365 you may need to change this to userPrincipalName