AirWatch End of Support 8.3 June 20th

Seriously 30 days notice to customers… Frustrating as need to upgrade to ACC which also requires AWCM all within a couple of weeks as end of financial year is coming and we hit a blackout period… Grrr…

Reminder: End of Support Life for AirWatch 8.3 on June 20th, 2017 by AirWatch Support
AirWatch 8.3 will reach End of Support Life on June 20th, 2017. After this date, AirWatch 8.4 will be the earliest fully supported version of the AirWatch Console software.
If you are currently using AirWatch 8.3 in an on-premise or dedicated SaaS environment, we recommend upgrading your AirWatch environment prior to the End of Support Life date. You can schedule an upgrade for a dedicated SaaS environment on the My Company page in myAirWatch. Any customers with on-premise environments can reach out to their Account Executive to purchase Professional Services with our Upgrades team, or perform a self upgrade.

Further clarification from the internets… Looks like only new bugs wont be addressed. Security issue?

Here’s the final response from my account executive: “I do want to clarify what EOL means. Essentially customers will still be able to use the product and will still be able to view the documentation online and open support tickets regarding 8.3 after the June date. Support will still troubleshoot with them if they have an issue. However, if we find a new bug in 8.3, we will not fix it in an 8.3 FP but instead will fix it in a later version of AW (9.0, 9.1, etc). The customer will be required to upgrade to fix any bugs they may run into and in many cases, will be required to upgrade if they want to support new AirWatch features or new features released by Android, Apple, etc.”

Hi Tim,

Take a look at for current End of Support Life (EoSL) dates for the current AirWatch Console versions.

All EoSL dates are based on the release of the next version +12 months, I.e. 9.0 came out Nov 4 2016, so 8.4 EoSL date is set at Nov 4 2017.