Airwatch isntallation at all

Hello All,

Since I started two or three days ago to learn Airwatch, I have problems to understand something. I can say that I am in struggle phase with Airwatch. :smile:

First,I would like to know how I can and where to download airwatch for practicing (database,software)?
Second, I think it would me more easily to configure it but please tell me what firstly I have to do to start configuration?(please tell me manual guide)

Thank you All for support,

To get the AirWatch software to download you will need access in to the AirWatch secure portal
Your account will need the rights to download the installer software. When you have the software you will need a 24hr Activation token to enable the AirWatch services to start up. This is also available from the secure AW site.
To get access to the site you will need to contact your AirWatch account manager. Even if someone gave you a copy of the software (6Gb + in size) you will not be able to activate it with out the token.
Also when you have access to the secure site you will get access to all the install documentation.
My question is: what are you trying to achive? are you looking to install your own AirWatch system inside your own network?

Hi Mike,

Thank you for quick reply.

My idea is start to learning Air watch and my company probably will try to implement in the future somewhere. I would like to be prepared if you understand me. :slight_smile:

I am trying to install on virtual machine - windows server 2012 and I got stuck. I tried to find installation guide, database, console, but I couldn’t find them. I tried to download from VMware site too, but I don’t have access. I have to check/ask the VMware representative for it.

If you give me some hints / short steps how to configure I will appreciate (surely I will see the guide) :smiley:

Do you know some sites for practicing Air watch , and documentation for it?

As well, how they (Vmware) are planning to people learn if they cannot access them? I suppose they want to protect the software because of illegal using (pirates).

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AirWatch have a demo portal that you can ‘play in’ but again you must get your AirWatch account manager to give you access.
Although I have access to the documentation for installing the AirWatch system, the documents are not for general distribution, again you will have to ask your AW Account manager.
The installation of the AirWatch system is a rather complicated process and not to be undertaken lightly.
First there are a lot of pre requisites to be met both on the SQL server and the Web server. The documentation is not very clear in some sections and missing some vital pre requisites in other sections. You also MUST get an activation code from the partner portal to enable the AirWatch services to start up.
I can help with technical questions but I will get in trouble if I started dishing out technical documents or giving access to demo systems.
I presume people were installing AW and not paying the licence fee for the use of the software hence AW enforcing the activation code.