Airwatch SOAP APIs

How to use AirWatch SOAP APIs? When I use the sample code, I get service not activated error. Also I cannot find the WSDL definition for the service. Where do I get it? Anyone has successfully setup and used SOAP APIs?

We use the REST API and have never touched the SOAP API.

AirWatch recommends using REST APIv2 over the SOAP API

For any new applications, AirWatch strongly recommends using the Version 2 REST API rather than the SOAP API, both for usability concerns and better support moving forward.

Like the REST API I suspect you may need to enable the SOAP API.

Here are some resources on the APIs

Thanks for the reply daniil!
I am writing APIs for Vodafone Secure Device Manager. It is actually rebranded Airwatch. Though documented, I do not see System -> Advanced -> API -> REST settings at all in this. I only see System -> Advanced -> API -> SOAP. Agreed that REST would make things much easier. I have looked about it and the conclusion seems like Vodafone device manager version of Airwatch offers only SOAP API.
I have looked at the programming guide you sent. If I try to invoke the APIs by implementing the VB code samples at “myUrl/AirWatchServices/EndpointService.svc”, I get service not activated and other such errors.
Any SOAP service must expose its WSDL. Typically “myUrl/AirWatchServices/EndpointService.svc?wsdl” should show the WSDL definition. But I don’t see that with my url.
I found examples of Airwatch WSDL online. Here is one such url:
As given in this page, we are expected to retrieve the WSDL at the mentioned url. But WSDL simply does not show up. Maybe this is an example url and that’s why. However there is no way to get the WSDL of my airwatch host URL.
I think there is some bug in the service.
If you could point me to a working Airwatch SOAP service and some working code samples, I would be assured that I’m implementing the APIs the right way.
Any pointers? :slight_smile:

We have previously tested/used VSDM REST API’s, since you can not view the System Setting this sounds like a permission issue. Take a look a the role assigned to your user and see if you have REST access enabled.