Android For Work binding issue

When binding Android For Work, there is a chance that EMM token may not work due to corrupted client ID. When this happens, Google Admin console will bind with MDM provider, even if the the binding process fails on the MDM provider end.

(Note in the Google admin console for Android for Work settings, MDM is showing as bind, but no EMM token showing and MDM is not setup for Android for Work)

To troubleshoot, firstly run a query on your MDM DB

select * from mobileManagement.AndroidWorkSetting
where LocationGroupid In (select ChildLocationGroupID from LocationGroupFlat where ParentLocationGroupID = Any[or your parent location group])

If you have located AFW setting here, please report this to AirWatch and create a support ticket to get this unbind.
If you can not located AFW setting in DB under any domain, please also log an AirWatch support ticket, and provide all possible domain address that you use to see if it has been bind to any other domain.

Please note only MDM provider can do this unbind, once this is done, please remove the old client ID and regenerate new EMM token and client ID for binding.

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Thanks for this Post, we are eagerly waiting for the “New Android for work Accounts” arrival next month. That have lot of option and you no need to register your domain with Google and lot of privacy for business