App Hub locked on staging user

Hello to all,

we are distributing Samsung Android 9 devices registered on Workspace One (version 2001)
The devices are prepared in our warehouse using staging users. The end customer is asked to enter their AD credentials on the Hub app to complete the MDM registration.
For some devices configured in the same way as dozens of others they tell me that the screen of credentials insertion on Hub does not appear.
Basically it is as if the staging user is already the designated one. We tried to synchronize the Hub app, to clear its cache, to force the update of profiles both from app and console, but without taking advantage of it.
Have you ever encountered such a problem?
Do you have any ideas on how to ‘unlock’ the Hub and allow the employee’s AD credentials to be entered?

Thank you,

Hi, Gianmarco.
Very hard to answer this w/o additional detals:

  1. Device model
  2. Enrollment type (Work Profile, Work Managed, COPE, Legacy)
  3. All devices in the same OG?
  4. Your current enrollment flow (Simple/Advanced staging, settings for Enrollment and Shared Device)
  5. How is the device seen in the console? To whom it belongs? Is it listed as shared or dedicated device?

If the screen of credential insertion in Hub does not appear, but the device is registered to a staging user, you can try checking the device out to the end user manually via console or API. Not guaranteed to work universally, since depends on 1-5 above.