App Icon format incorrect error when publishing an app

After upgrading (!) to version we found that we could no longer publish an application with an associated icon.
The application type white listing is correct in the console display.

Initially AirWatch’s reply was ‘its fixed in a later version’ was not acceptable, subsequently it has been found that a change to the web config file will solve the problem.

Deployment Instructions:

  1.   Make a backup of “Websites\WanderingWiFi.AirWatch.Console.Web\web.config” config file
  2.   Open the console web.config and search for the “!-- File upload validation settings --” comment
  3.   Under the “FileUploadExtensionWhiteList” key add the following values:-

“,apk,jpg,png” values, such that the key looks like the following:

add key=“FileUploadExtensionWhitelist” value=“cer,p12,pfx,pkcs7,pem,der,apk,jpg,png” /

(<> symbols have been removed from each end of the statement just for this article)
Our current entry looks like:-
add key=“FileUploadExtensionWhitelist” value=“cer,p12,pfx,pkcs7,pem,der”/

  1.   Save the changes to the web config
  2.   Restart IIS

Many thanks to Kessr at AirWatch for the information. This was only formally tested on by AirWatch but the fix works just fine on