Apple Business/School Manager upgrade deadline

Apple have announced a deadline for upgrading to Apple Business Manager & Apple School Manager

Upgrade from Apple Deployment Programs before December 1, 2019
Upgrade to Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager to continue using the Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program. Apple Deployment Programs will no longer be available starting December 1, 2019.

Apple article available below:

But Apple say not that a new ABM Token is different that VPP Token and that all apps which purchased with old vpp account are deleting from you device. That what we have now with Airwatch.

The token is different yes, however you can migrate to a new token
You can also use a “legacy” token within ABM

The statement about apps deleting from the device is incorrect, we have migrated a number of customers from legacy VPP portal to ABM.

As long as the migration is done correctly there is no user impact

Hi daniil,

thanks for information. This statement I receive from support. You write that when migration is done. Whrere I can see that migration was correctly?

VMware used to have a migration guide in their support articles but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

You just need to be careful around license migration.

Have a look through the following resources:

migration was succefull and no device removed apps except my :slight_smile:.
I wait till all licence was migrate from vpp to abm, then I receive from apple vpp support then migration was succefull and we clean old token and add a new token from abm, after this I must assign all apps again to their smart groups.