Apple DEP vs ADE - new process?

I have a pre-existing instance of ABM and Intune connected.
We have existing hardware resellers loading serial numbers to ABM.

We’ve recently got a new hardware reseller, from what I can see in our ABM the reseller has no access to it.
The new reseller is claiming that due to the ‘recent’ change from Apple DEP to ADE that they do not upload the serial numbers to ABM anymore.

And sent this 2022 Microsoft Article
Enroll iOS/iPadOS devices by using ADE - Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs

Is the new Resellers claims true - resellers do not upload serial numbers to ABM anymore?
If so,
Can I have the DEP and ADE Tokens run alongside eachother? (I thought they are the same thing)
If claim is false -
Then I will push back and ask them for their ResellerID\Apple Customer AppleID, and link them to my ABM - and have the reseller upload the serial numbers as per usual.

Hi @uememm

I would be interested to know what part of the ADE setup guide means they no longer need to add devices to ABM?

There is a link to Prepare devices manually - Apple Configurator Help in the guide, however we only use this to add devices retrospectively, where the purchasing information is unknown or the Reseller can not add the devices for some reason. Even then devices can be removed in the first 30 days of enrollment and is not a replacement for the Reseller process especially when it comes to new device procurement.

I would:


  • Find another reseller that will do the above
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Thank you for your reply Andrew.
I wanted to do a sanity check!