Application Configuration

AirWatch “Send Application Configuration Information”

Question #1
How do we identify which applications (mainly public) are capable of accepting the Application Configuration?

Question #2
AppConfig Community is away that customers can write in a common SDK into their internal appreciations but public application vendors can also use this. Apart from going to the AppConfig community website, how does one get started with this?

@EMM.Junkie, interesting first question. There was a list started some time ago back when our sanity was being tested with Redfoo’s launch of “Let’s Get Ridiculous” and iOS 7 was the talk of the town. Much like Redfoo’s assault on my ears, it didn’t seem to last long. I guess there might be a lack of reward for compiling such a list in the public space.

have anybody list of apps with their configurations key ? I seach for skype for business and citrix workspace any key but can´t nothing find…

I fear there is no ‘list’. You have to reach out to the vender of each app to get the information, if their app supports managed configuration, and if so, which key value pairs are defined.

-In the case of S4B, regarding our current knowledge, MS does not support managed configuration.
-In the case of Citrix Workspace, i think Citrix also does not support managed configuration.

Yes and no

For iOS there is no list, you need the app vendor to provide you with the configuration data.

For Android Enterprise however the list is built into the application and is automatically populated from Play store for Work

Apps that have remote configuration will state so in the store