Cannot deliver certificates to android devices

Hi all, I’m trying to setup certificate based authentication for devices so I created a CredentialProviders and 2 credential policies, one for iOS and one for Android Enterprise.
Policy for iOS devices works fine and I can get certificate on the iOS device, however the same CredentialProvider is not able to send the generated certificate to the Android device.
What I found in logs is this:

2021-08-04T15:15:59.5+0200 | | INFO | http-nio-10080-exec-11 | com.zenprise.zdm.enroll.mgmt.EnrollmentManager | Adding PAYLOAD/21 certificate (serial=[obscured-for-security-reasons]) to enrollment EnrollmentImpl{activationDate=2021-08-04 14:19:24.28, id=129, status=ACTIVE, deviceEnrollmentStatus=NOT_STARTED, deviceMode=null, deviceRequiredAction=null, enrolled_auth_method=classic, username=’[obscured-for-security-reasons]’, device={id:“106”, serialNumber:"[obscured-for-security-reasons]", imei:"[obscured-for-security-reasons]", activeSyncId:"[obscured-for-security-reasons]", osFamily:“ANDROID”, strongId:"[obscured-for-security-reasons]", Last user name:"[obscured-for-security-reasons]", mamDeviceId: “[obscured-for-security-reasons]”, mamRegistered: “true”, mamReady: “true”, appWipe: “false”, devicetoken=XXXXXXXXXXXX deviceType: “Android”, depRegistered: “false”, asmDepRegistered: “false”, asmDepShared: “false”, depAccountId: “-1”, depProfileId: “-1”, depProfileStatus:“NO_BULK”}, type=DEVICE, shareable=false, asmDepDeviceType: , enrollmentMethod=}

2021-08-04T15:15:59.20+0200 | | WARN | http-nio-10080-exec-11 | EWSession | Cannot retrieve link ‘caServerCert’ or wrong link type for provisioning /xml/dev_pol_a4w_credential=XXXXXXXXXXXX

This happens both for CA certificates and Device certificates

Any suggestion is really appreciated!