Disable SMS/Text with MobileIron

I’m trying to disable the entire text/sms functionality for our DEP devices.
There is an option to disable imessage in the restriction rules and MI support believe when that function is disable it’ll disable the entirety of text/sms. However that is not the case, it’ll only disable iMessage.
I looked through all the settings i could think of, is there someone out there that’s trying to accomplish the same thing without needing to use a 3rd party service for this?

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You can use the Restrictions profile to block the use of iMessage and also use an App Restriction policy to block the actual Messages Application. This does require supervision to be enabled on devices. You can also use a Notifications policy to block/prevent any notifications from the Messages app too.

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Thanks for your respond. I assume you’re talking about the Lockdown policy to lock down the “SMS” app however, i believe this only applies to Android devices.
I’m trying to disable SMS/iMessage for DEP iphone device.
Is there a work around for that? I’m currently using core 9.2.

On iOS supervised iOS 10.3+ devices you can apply a restriction policy that disables specified apps.

This policy can also disable native apps i.e. mail, photos, iMessage

You can create a profile that disables iMessage and push it to the device.

List of bundle ID’s is available here: iOS 11 - List of default apps and bundle ID’s

Thanks Danni. I have an app restriction policy in place but i’m trying to apply this to Apple DEP profile. I looked through all options not sure if I’m missing something but I’m unable to find an option that allows me to tie the two together.

Disregard my last question. I was trying to apply the restriction to the DEP device instead of the user.

@Wes I’m not sure if Core 9.2 has the App Restrictions configuration as we’re on Core 9.5 currently, but you can create a new Configuration from iOS and macOS > iOS Only > App Restrictions. This lets you completely hide/block pretty-much any app on the device. This does require supervision to work. Once you create the configuration, you would apply this to a label to identify which devices should receive the configuration.

Thanks @mire3212 I was able to successfully test this.
We needed to disable iMessage/SMS for a group of users. The App Restriction is available in Core 9.2 and I was able to successfully test it yesterday.
The icon is hidden and not searchable. However, you’ll get new text message alert pop up on the phone but will not able to click into it to read or reply.

Thanks for your help.