EAS Service on Sentry Fails frequently

HI All,

I have observed on our MI platform for one of the customer, the EAS service on 4 sentry keep failing. When we verify particular EAS the service reload and status changes to sucess but yet after couple of hours the service fails.
Any idea/suggestion

You would want to enable Debug Logging Level 3 on the Sentry(s) and see if you can identify why they are being marked dead in the Sentry log (log/tomcat/sentry.log). This is common is the response from the EAS back-end is taking too long and a timeout occurs or if the server responds with too many 503 errors. If the back-end is O365, you should disable Health Checks. If you’re using a hybrid of O365 and On-Premise, you should split your user-base into appropriate groups to make sure that each Sentry is not proxying for both O365 and the On-Prem solution.


Did you manage to fix this issue.We have been facing similar issue.We are assuming this is due to the Cent OS limitation.