Enterprise Wipe option

Within our org, we have different levels of admins, some get all wipe options (Device wipe, Enterprise Wipe, Delete device), some only get Enterprise Wipe/Delete Device, and some only get Enterprise Wipe.

I’m starting to question myself on why I would need to keep Enterprise Wipe as an available option particularly with introducing DEP as the recommendation for these are to Device Wipe. Also when Enterprise Wipe is performed, it just leaves old ghost records anyway and personally, I prefer to Delete Device rather than Enterprise Wipe to keep my environment tidy.

Any similar thoughts on this?

The idea of Enterprise Wipe is to leave the user’s data in place. For example, BYOD, or when you decommission the company phone and let the user keep it (you may argue that full wipe may be still justified in this case).

For company-owned use cases you won’t usually need it.

The “ghost records” may be required for audit compliance (i.e. keep device records for 6 months etc). Or if you want to re-enroll and keep your tags, smart groups, custom attributes etc.

Hope this helps.

Thanks ArsenB.

In our case, “Delete Device” is the same as “Enterprise Wipe” anyway, unenrols device from AirWatch and any personal data on the device remains as is. Usually our devices are wiped and re-setup for the new team member so transitioning any info is not required.

Thanks for your feedback.