Give access to inhouse app to be uppdated under Android Enterprise with Google Zero Touch

I have some issue with one inhouse app wich I sending to mobile devices via AE on a devices enabled for Google Zero Touch. When the app start it begin to look after latest uppdates via internet witch result in latest app version. I have tried configuration with only AE work profile and combined AE work-private profile and always get the same respond that the app have not right to perform update/installing task.

I wonder is there any way to give access to a inhouse app to be uppdated on mobile device under Android Enterprise with Google Zero Touch?

Hello Lund,

Yes there is a way, You need to have a google developer account, add your apk there .you need to make sure that u have all the images and privacy policy.

Is it possible for a inhouse app under Android Enterprise to be update if the app at the start launch can dawnload latest updates. Is this something thats is blocked under Android Enterprise?