How can we manage company application through a centralize mechanism [ Public or Internal]

Hello Team,

I have been asked to provide the inventory of all the application for my company which are hosted in Intune , Google Play store and Apple app store.

I have informed them that i can provide the details which are shared with us but if someone is hosting an application in public store that is the challenge as there is no centralize mechanism to get the list of application of the company.

Team i wanted to know is there any way were i can centralize this, were anyone who host an application should go through me or a centralize process to upload this application.


Are the devices in question listed as Personal or Corporate in Intune?

No device is not in question. we just want create a platform were all the apps on mobile are register or have to go through us.

Thanks for the clarification.

I would just manage everything out of Intune;

Hello Andrew,

Thank you for this, but i was looking for an option were an application is an Enterprise application but not for internal users. any one can download it.
Can we setup something like app signing using approve certificate only.