How to update the Android private apps

Hi there,

I’m using airwatch for managing the android device via the android for work. We have some internal apk want to upload to airwatch and pusbish to the android device. however, now the apps need either upload to google play console or the whole device enrol to corperate device. we have lots of user want BYOD so need to upload to google private store. but we find out the apks can be upload to google private store but not able to update the version. any hits of that? even we created the project in the google play console, seems it cannot appera in the airwatch android apps store (My account was linked).

I’m really apperiate your help. thank you!

You need to update version in the APK, and managed play only allows UPgrades, you cannot downgrade versions.
See if this helps

Also, after upload the app needs to be approved and assigned (or is only auto-approved of you use the iFrame from AW)

Hi Arsen,

That’s great help. i have done thru this and successful to upload the application. but for update version apps still fail and it said my App ID cannot be same and not allow me to upload it. any idea?