Intune and M1 macs

Intune enrollment had some difficulties with new macOS devices running M1 ( chips as most of the Microsoft applications were build for the Intel chipset. Due to this most of the MS applications could not be installed without Rosetta (

This was not an issue during manual enrollment as you would be prompted to install rosetta when opening Company Portal, however with DEP enrollment most of the applications would not deploy to a macOS device until Rosetta was installed manually.

However with the latest Intune release it looks like Microsoft have finally published the “Microsoft Intune Agent” (Version 2103.013) as a Universal app for macOS devices.

Microsoft Intune Agent is the agent that is used to deploy and execute bash scripts on macOS devices. This makes is possible to install Rosetta automatically with a bash script.

Using the following script to deploy Company Portal also installs Rosetta and ensures that all other Microsoft apps can install and run successfully.

More information on Intune Agent and script deployment in MS docs here:

EDIT: Microsoft have updated Intune release notes around this today: What’s new in Microsoft Intune - Azure | Microsoft Docs

The following website offers a large list of apps that work or don’t work on Apple M1 macs: