Intune - Contact sync from Outlook to native app

Hello community,

out iOS devices managed by Intune MDM, have currently issues with the sync.

The type of the issue that normally is working, but suddenly for some time (1-4 hours), the contacts disappearing from the native iOS contacts app on the phone (they are still visible at Outlook) and then they are back.

  • The device is normally communicating with the server.
  • The user password is valid.

Does someone face same / similar issue?



we also observe this behavior. Most of our users have the option “Save Contacts” enabled in in the Outlook settings. And starting yesterday we get reports that the contacts are missing in the iOS Contacts app! In our case the option “Save Contacts” was suddenly disabled in the settings. Seems not to be correlated to the MDM platform, as we use MobileIron Core.


we use for local exchange contacts synchronization and thus also get the GAL available offline (incl. phone number resolution). There is a business version with mdm support too (SecureContact x Business).

Hello, we got info from MS that this is global issue between the app and the iOS system. We will be collecting logs and then MS will hopefully solve this issue.

Thanks for recommending app, for exchange contacts sync. Will check it out.

It’s interesting that MS took ownership of the fix, @RagnarBlack. Kudos. Let us know how it works out.