Intune support for Android Enterprise Fully Managed devices

Microsoft announced Android Enterprise Fully Managed Device support for Intune by the end of the year

Public preview for Android Enterprise fully managed devices : Intune is proud to work closely with Google as one of the first partners to build a modern management experience using the new Android Management API. This is an architectural investment that brings value to customers by allowing Intune to deliver Android features more quickly than ever before. We are pleased to announce a public preview of full device management for Android Enterprise devices by the end of the year. With this new capability based on the new ‘cloud’ architecture, Intune will offer a complete suite of management features for BYOD and corporate-owned deployments on Android Enterprise, adding fully managed device support to the existing app protection, work profile and dedicated device capabilities. Administrators may choose the extent of management appropriate for different departments and users within the organization, from enabling protected apps on unmanaged personal devices (bring your own device or BYOD) to fully managing the mobile experience, including the applications, devices, and locally stored data. Our recommendation for customers is to start planning how to adopt one of these Android Enterprise management modes, starting with the BYOD use cases now and evaluate the preview in next few months.