iOS 10.2 issue with clear device passcode for certain device models on AirWatch

We have performed below to replicate the issue:

  • After updating device to iOS 10.2 while the device is enrolled, request clear passcode on the device, device stay locked.

  • Re-enrol the device. Send the command again and device stay locked

  • Remove AirWatch Agent and re-enrol device, tried the device clear passcode command again, still stay locked.

This has been tested and replicated on iPhone 5s, iPhone 7plus, iPad mini2, where as iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 plus unlocked after command sent.

from log, we have identified that it could be something to do with AppleKeyStore.

We are now testing against working device to see the difference in behaviour.

We have also tested against MobileIron and isolate to AirWatch issue only.

Stay tuned for more update…


Great update.

So what is the progress or outcome on this issue?

Did you managed to find out more in comparison with working device and is it confirmed bug with iOS v10.2? Is this with all major EMM platforms? like AirWatch, MobileIron, XenMob?


confirmed that MobileIron is not affected. Have now provided device log, event log and console log to see if further can be identified.