iOS 10 beta 7 known issues so far

For MDM:

  • Starting in iOS 10, SCEP payloads no longer default to MD5 if a SCEP server fails to return a CACaps or does not claim capability for SHA-1, SHA-256, or SHA-512 in CACaps.
    If a SCEP server does not respond to GetCACaps, SHA-1 will be assumed and used for the SCEP attempt.
    If the SCEP servers respond to GetCACaps, the server needs to note they have SHA-1, SHA-256, or SHA-512 capability or the SCEP enrolment request is failed due to insufficient capabilities.

  • To encourage stronger passcode usage, iOS 10 will always prompt a user to create a password of at least 6 characters on a TouchID–capable device even if a passcode policy is in place that allows shorter passcodes. In this case users can still enter a shorter passcode that meets the passcode policy.

For Developers:

Xcode, Widgets, UIKit, Swift Playgrounds, CloudKit,
CFNetwork HTTPProtocol, Binary Compatibility.
AVFoundation, Messages, Music, Phone, Safari


Facetime call between device with iOS beta 7 and older version of iOS or OSX beta are not supported.

SIri and Messages:

When reading messages, Siri does not accurately describe new message types or features.


  • Recently Played in For You may not refresh instantly.

  • Deleting Apple Music may prevent certain accessories from playing audiobooks, podcasts, and more. Download Apple Music from the App Store to restore playback.

  • The today widget for music may not show all recently played music.

  • When connected to a car, certain features may not work as expected:

    • Editing Up Next may unexpectedly disrupt playback.
    • While using CarPlay, View All Stations does not yet display all stations.

Notes may quit unexpectedly. Turn off and on Note setting in iCloud may resolve the issue

For more details, please refer to Apple’s “iOS SDK Release Notes for iOS 10 beta 7”