iOS 11.4.1 beta - new restrictions

iOS 11.4.1 has been released into beta on friday

This version includes a new restriction for Disabling “USB Restricted mode” (for supervised devices only)



USB Restricted Mode was implemented with iOS 11.4 and automatically disables access to lightning port 7 days after device was last unlocked.

With this restriction it is possible to disable this functionality.

More information about USB Restricted mode below:

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Pretty cool!

As usual the documentation is a bit odd on the restrictions topic. It shows that this will be available in iOS 11.5.

Strange, this restriction seems to do nothing in 11.4.1 Beta. After locking the device and waiting for one hour I could still get it to connect to Configurator. Anyone had any luck with this?

Will need to wait for 7 days after the last unlock unless you disabled the feature, then it will not work at all. (Defaults to true)

You’re right, but it seems this is to be changed to 1 hour in 11.4.1. At least according to what is visible in Settings in the Beta.


The ElcomSoft Blog author also released another article about this change where he mentions 1 hour as well. At least that’s how I understand it.

I’ll keep testing, maybe it is still WIP.