iOS 11 - List of default apps and bundle ID’s

iOS 11 has added “Files” app

App Name	| Bundle ID
App Store	|
Calculator	|
Calendar	|
Camera		|
Clock		|
Compass		|
Contacts	|
FaceTime	|
Files 	    |
Find Friends|
Find iPhone	|
Health		|
Home		|
iBooks		|
iCloud Drive|
iTunes Store|
Mail		|
Maps		|
Messages	|
Music		|
News		|
Notes		|
Phone		|
Photos		|
Photo Booth |
Podcasts	|
Reminders	|
Safari		|
Settings	|
Stocks		|
Tips		|
TV			|
Videos		|
Voice Memos	|
Wallet		|
Watch		|
Weather		|

Other apps and bundle ID’s are same as iOS 10 and are available here:

List of all Apple apps is available here:

Edit: added entire list of apps and added Photo Booth which was missing previously


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Do you think you could obtain a list of bundle IDs for the default apps on an Apple TV? It seems as though whitelisting (and possibly blacklisting) now works on tvOS 11, but when I use the same iOS bundle IDs of the default apps for a whitelist on an Apple TV, they are not recognized and all the default apps remain hidden. Thank you.

I just added every single iOS default app bundle ID to a whitelist array, and the only default app that remains displayed on an Apple TV is Podcasts and Settings.

I’ve built this list using Apple Configurator

In Apple Configurator if you create a new profile and go into -> Restrictions -> Apps

Set “Restrict App Usage” to “Do not allow some apps” and hit +

Now you can search for apps and get the bundle ID

For anyone else that might be interested, here are the bundle IDs for the Apple TV default apps (now that whitelisting and blacklisting apps works on tvOS 11):

TV -
App Store -
Movies -
TV Shows -
Music -
Photos -
Podcasts -
Search -
Computers -
Settings -


the Files app has some other IDs if you wish to setup a “whitelist” for the Open-In and allow the Files App:

This works for example with MobileIron + Application Container Policy (Open-In Whitelist).
The other Bundle ID does not work alone, you the full list to enable “open In in Files”:;;;

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