iOS 13 - changes in configuration profiles

iOS 13 has been announced at WWDC19 yesterday

New configuration profiles are available in iOS 13 at this stage.

Changes were made in the following profiles:

  • Restrictions
  • WiFi
  • Exchange

New Payload:

  • Single Sign-On Extensions

Restrictions Payload

New Keys

Keys below are supervised only

Key Type Description
allowWiFiPowerModification Boolean Allow turning WiFi on or off
allowContinuousPathKeyboard Boolean

Following keys are now supervised only

Key Type Description
allowCamera Boolean Optional. When false, the camera is completely disabled and its icon is removed from the Home screen. Users are unable to take photographs.
allowVideoConferencing Boolean Optional. When false, disables video conferencing (FaceTime). This key is deprecated on unsupervised devices.

WiFi Payload

Support for WPA 3 Added

Exchnage Payload

Enable Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders individually for managed accounts

Key Type Description
EnableCalendars Boolean
EnableMail Boolean
EnableNotes Boolean
EnableReminders Boolean
EnableContacts Boolean

Single Sign-On Extensions Payload

This is a new payload, I’ve not seen much information on how this can be leveraged yet but the concept looks interesting.

	<string>Configures Single Sign-On Extensions</string>
	<string>Single Sign-On Extensions</string>

More information on this payload:

Apple Configurator 2.10 beta release notes

Simple MDM also have a great blog post about new functionality in iOS 13