iOS 9.3 will allow Lockscreen Layout, Apps, Notifications & More

These options require “Supervised” mode on device using either MAC OS X Server, Configurator or Other method which allow “Supervised Mode” i.e. DEP may be!

iOS 9.3 & later will allow enterprise to configure Lock screen layout payload which will include Apps, Folders, Web clips and also allow hide Native Apps.

  • The Home Screen Layout Payload is designated by specifying as the PayloadType value. It can contain only one payload, which must be supervised. It is supported on the User Channel.
  • This payload defines a layout of apps, folders, and web clips for the Home screen. It is supported on iOS 9.3 and later.
  • It is not just limited to how apps appear on their Home screens, but also with the added ability to hide stock system apps made by Apple should they wish.


  • iOS 9.3 enables the employer to blacklist or white list specific third-party apps as well, coupled with the ability to even block them from being installed on the company-issued iPhone or iPad.
  • Companies will also be able to enforce and control the notifications setting on the devices to make sure notifications from specific apps comes through no matter what, thus exercising complete control over what employees can and cannot do with their work phones and tablets.
  • iTunesRadio Disable
  • Prevent the enterprise app trust settings from being changed
  • The Shared Device Configuration Payload allows admins to specify optional text displayed on the login window and lock screen (i.e.a"IfLost, Return To "messageandAssetTagInformation).It is supported on iOS9.3 and later.
  • String of URL in Safari, where Users can save passwords in Safari only from URLs matching the patterns (Supervised & White listed domains)

Source: Apple - Full Config Profile Reference

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