iOS 9.3.x users may be unable to update Wi-Fi password


iOS 9.3.x- Users are unable to change their Wi-Fi password (for example, when their AD password expires) if the Core is sending the Wi-Fi configuration profile populated with the user password (meaning “save user passwords” is enabled on the Core and the $PASSWORD$ variable is used.

The user is prompted for the new password, but it does not appear to get set.

Users still fail to authenticate and can potentially become locked out of their account. Prior to

9.3.0, the user’s password would appropriately get updated when they used the same prompt.


It appears that iOS 9.3.x devices are not able to update their keychain if their Wi-Fi settings were originally configured with a password.

MobileIron has opened a case with Apple and they are investigating reports of this behavior.

Ref: CE-10145