iOS 9 general release notes

Couple of things we have discovered this morning:

If you use DEP you need to accept the terms and conditions otherwise no commands are being sent.
Install size:
iPad mini was 1.1 GB from 8.4.1
iPhone 6 = 1.1GB from 8.4.1
iPad 2 = 741mb from 8.4.1
5C = 866mb from 8.3

So far our functional testing for Airwatch has been successful if using agent 5.0.2 (latest). We may see another update to the Agent in the next day or 2.

Below are some bugs found from users on iPhone hacks website

For some reason, the Messages app in iOS 9 feels extremely slow and drops frames while scrolling. Animations from certain areas of the UI is also missing, which leads to an inconsistent experience.

Control Center
Bringing up Control Center is still not as smooth as it should be. The issue has been present right from iOS 8 and it is disappointing that Apple has not fixed the problem in iOS 9.

Sometimes, switching over to Incognito/Private mode in Safari on the iPad Air 2 causes it to freeze or hang up. You need to go back to the home screen and then switch back to Safari after a few seconds to be able to use the browser.

External keyboard on iPad
On iOS 8, it was possible to turn on the screen of the iPad by pressing a button on the Bluetooth keyboard connected to it. This feature no longer works on iOS 9, and while it might seem like a minor deal, it actually creates a huge usability problem.

Sometimes, the Settings app opens with half the list already scrolled down. This bug has been present since iOS 8 itself, and at this point, its unclear if Apple considers this a feature or a bug.

Rotating the keyboard from portrait to landscape or vice versa is very slow and leads to a huge drop in frame rate. While this issue is not that noticeable on the iPhone, it is easily visible on the iPad.

The stock calendar widget refuses to update after 24 hours. In certain cases, the widget will not show all the events that are present in your calendar.

The icons of the app in the “Suggested Apps” row are all sized differently and can sometime look blurred.