iOS 9 & XenMobile

After some testing of XenMobile 10.2 release with iOS 9 GM Seed:

  • Worx Home must be updated before the device is updated to iOS 9. If you re-wrap the apps with 10.2 toolkit you will be prompted to update Worx Home (if you have not already done so) upon launching of the app.
  • Apps must be wrapped with 10.2 toolkit to run, otherwise they will exit on launch
  • Apps that have been updated will require a re-launch as they will need to decrypt the data at rest
  • Inter-app communication has changed (See iOS 9 changes in inter-app communication) which makes for a bit of a frustrating user experience
  • Encountered issues with new policy “Require Device Passcode” not detecting the passcode at times and therefore existing the app.

EDIT: Just a few more observations, after release to the greater user base following issues were noticed with WorxMail update.
Both of these are rather rare.

  • WorxMail crashes on start after update (work around is to re-install WorxMail)
  • WorxMail does not sync email after update (work around is to re-install WorxMail)