iOS Microsoft Outlook Account Settings

We’re pushing Outlook to our Line of Business devices. The WS1 we’re able to push setting out to the application at the time of installation, such as username and password, etc.

The devices are shared, so we’d like multiple people be able to use Outlook without seeing the previous users information.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall via MDM, but this doesn’t appear to scrub user 1’s details from the application for the next user.

Does anyone know what else can be done, with the exception of erasing the device between users? This option is not acceptable for the user-case.

Thanks in advance.

Can you tell me more about the devices and deployment methods?


Thanks for responding.

Check In / Check Out: GroundControl
Device: iOS iPhone 8

At time of checkout a tag is added to the device that pushes down the Outlook app, already configured for the end user. All they have to do is open Outlook and confirm they want to add the account.

At the time of checkin, the tag is removed (which removes assignment for Outlook). The app is removed from the device.

At the time of checkout a tag is added to the device, which adds Outlook again, along with the configuration, like what happens above.

The issue…
After the first check out, things look like they’re working, but after the second checkout the issue becomes apparent. Between the first and second, the configuration for checkout one is still present on the device, along with checkout 2.

I need checkout 2 to be the only configuration present, and not have number 1 show up at all.

Let me know if this doesn’t clear things up.