iOS10 Developer Beta 2 : Features & Changes list, what's new!


In iOS10 Apple has changed the way the Lock screen works for this release, with the Home button needing to be pressed in order to initiate an unlock. now more…

  • iOS10 Developer Beta 2 Adds “Rest Finger To Unlock” Option For Touch ID. If you’re using the betas and want to take advantage of this now, then you will find it under Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button. Toggle the “Rest Finger to Unlock” option on, and you’re done.
  • Organ Donation option in Health app
  • Low Quality Image Mode toggle in Messages app
  • iMessage App Store
  • Feedback app (For Beta)
  • Widgets Now Accessible in Today View of Notification Center from Home Screen
  • Show Parked Location setting for Maps
  • New Filter icon in Mail app
  • 3D Touch Quick Actions in Control Center has icons and updated language
  • “Unlocked” text animation in status bar on Lock Screen when unlocked. Now, if the device is unlocked from the Lock Screen, a new animated “Unlocked” text appears in the status bar right before the Home Screen is shown.

List of Changes

  • Rest Finger to Unlock option for Touch ID (Under Accessibility options)
  • ‘Downloaded Music’ changed to ‘Downloads’ in Apple Music
  • Music app gets an option to Shuffle in Songs section
  • Tweaked font in Music app
  • Bluetooth/AirPlay headphones and speakers are now shown in in Now Playing section of Music app
  • Connect Posts added below For You content in For You tab of Music app
  • ‘Featured Complications’ section in Watch app
  • Watch app gets Background App Refresh in My Watch > General > Background App Refresh
  • Updated icons for various accessories in Control Center’s HomeKit widget
  • Slightly tweaked animation when invoking Siri
  • ‘Missed’ in Notification Center has been renamed to ‘Recent’
  • Updated icons for Apple TV and AirPlay speakers in AirPlay section of Control Center
  • Updated HomeKit app icon in
  • Weather Channel credit in Notification Center and widget view on Home & Lock screens
  • Split View support for App Store on iPads
  • 3D Touch on Folders now shows badges for unread notifications per app
  • Tweaked animation for Folders
  • Frosted background in Folder view is back
  • Tweaked animation for Spotlight
  • Non-3D Touch devices gets support for interactive notifications. Works with slide down gesture
  • Apple News app can now be deleted
  • CarPlay gets a new button to skip to a message
  • Large widgets now work system-wide on iOS
  • Auto-Lock setting has been moved under Settings > Display & Brightness