iPad drops out of Single App Mode with all apps showing 'Cleaning'


Hoping someone might have experienced a similar issue to what we’ve seen below can can shed some light on it, no luck with our vendor or Google so far.

We have a number of DEP iPads on 12.x deployed and managed via VMware WSO which are in Single App Mode, running the SinePro app.

A few months after deploying we’ve started hitting an odd error, users call to report that the iPad is back on the home screen with all the apps in ‘Cleaning’ state.

Restarting the iPad consistently clears the error. As far as we’ve seen, the ‘Cleaning’ process never completes if left (6+ hours). It seems that since the SinePro app is unusable while in Cleaning mode, it boots itself out of Single App Mode (consistent with other things we’ve seen e.g. while the app is being updated).

Google tells me the Cleaning state is related to the ‘Offload Unused Apps’ setting. The problem that we have is that this setting is not even visible on these iPads as they’re not signed into the App store (although the iPad itself is signed into an AppleID). To test, I have had a couple of our sites sign the iPads into the app store so we can have that setting appear and ensure it’s off, however it could be months before we’d have any idea if this has had any effect on the issue. Will also be testing iCloud restriction settings via WSO.

Attempting to extract logs from affected devices will be a last resort as they’re remote and difficult to remove from mountings etc. The WSO troubleshooting log doesn’t show an event relating to the error as far as we’ve seen so far.

Anyone seen this before and have any idea if the App store sign-in or iCloud restriction tactic will actually help, or any other remedies?


Andrew, I’m having a very similar problem.
Did you manage to understand what caused it and fix it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there. I didn’t really arrive on any solid solution to this unfortunately. The issue remained too rare to effectively troubleshoot (which is a good thing for me at least).

I haven’t had any reports of the same issue in quite some time now - my assumption is that this is due to fixes in recent versions of iOS.

Hi Alon,

From what I head read the cleanup process can trigger when devices are low on space, do you know if this is the case for your devices?

The “cleaning” process happens when applications update, it may be that WSO is re-installing or updating the application on the device hence the device drops out of the single app mode