MAG Error codes

These could be useful.
Error Code 0: Unknown Error
Error Code 1: Headers are missing: This can include headers such as "Proxy-Authorization"
Error Code 2: Few values like Signature: Scheme-Specific part are not base 64 encoded.
Error Code 3: ID_FORMAT should contain encryption algorithm, uid and bundleID in a specific format: One of these are
not present.
Error Code 4: An encryption algorithm other than “cms1” has been used.
Error Code 5: No certificate was found in the chain.
Error Code 6: Error thrown if there are multiple signers found in the certificate chain.
Error Code 7: Error thrown if there are multiple certificates for signers: The Mag expects only one Signer.
Error Code 8: MAG is not able to verify the Signer.
Error Code 9: Untrusted Issuer : This happens only when AW device root is different for enrolled OG and
the OG on which MAG is configured.
Solution: Override the AW device root certificate and Regenerate MAG certificate. Reinstall the MAG.
Error Code 10: Signing time attribute not present.
Error Code 11: Thrown when the time between signing and verification is more than the configure time.
Error Code 12: Any method other than the “CONNECT” request is sent to the MAG and is rejected.
Error Code 13: No data available for Udid: #####, BundleId: ####
Solution: This error occurs when MAG does not have device details . Check the MAG to API connection . Restart MAG service
Error Code 14: Invalid SHA-1 thumbprint. Udid: ####, BundleId: ####. MAG expected: XYZ, Found:ABC
Solution: This error can occur ONLY when device is re-enrolled . Re-install the Client ( AWB, Wrapped App)
if still error occurs check MAG-AWCM connection.Issue will not occur after restarting MAG Service.
Error Code 15: Not compliant. Udid: ####, BundleId: ####. MAG expected: X,Y, Found: Z
Solution: This error occurs only when device is not compliant. Check the compliance status in the Dashboard.