MAZAR BOT Android Exploit

New Android attack allows hackers to ‘own’ your phone and all data in it:-

Tech details here:-

Experts from Heimdal found a text message that tells receivers that they have an MMS message from an unknown contact. The message includes a link where the receiver can view the message, but it’s actually a link to an app.
This is what such a malicious message would look like: “You have received a multimedia message from +[country code] [sender number] Follow the link http:www.mmsforyou [.] Net /mms.apk to view the message.”
Clicking on this link will install the official Tor app onto your phone, which allows hackers to gain access to your phone. Furthermore, a message to a number in Iran is also automatically sent from your number, with the words “Thank you” in it.
From there, Yahoo reports, hackers can erase the device, send SMS messages and make calls. The backdoor can be used to spy on phone owners, and even break two-factor authentication. Thus, hackers could target someone with such messages to steal access to online banking apps and credentials for other websites.