Microsoft add Android Fully Managed device support to Intune

Microsoft have rolled out a preview of Android Fully Managed device support.

Preview of support for Android corporate-owned, fully managed devices
Intune now supports fully managed Android devices, a corporate-owned “device owner” scenario where devices are tightly managed by IT and are affiliated with individual users. This allows admins to manage the entire device, enforce an extended range of policy controls unavailable to work profiles, and restricts users to installing apps from managed Google Play only. For more information, see Set up Intune enrollment of Android fully managed devices and Enroll your dedicated devices or fully managed devices. Please note that this feature is in preview. Some Intune capabilities, such as certificates, compliance, and Conditional Access, are not currently available with Android fully managed user devices.

The following enrolment methods are supported.

Enrollment method Minimum Android OS version for dedicated devices Minimum Android OS version for fully managed devices
Near Field Communication 5.1 6.0
Token entry 6.0 6.0
QR code 7.0 7.0
Zero Touch 8.0* 8.0*

Enrolment documentation is available here:

Knox Mobile Enrolment is currently not supported.