Microsoft Company Portal is not able to check device setting

Hello All,

I have an profile with Web Content Filter on an iOS DEP tablet with whitelist. After some time I have found that the application Microsoft Company Portal is not able to check device setting. It takes a lot of time and then the connection is dropped. With unable to check the settings. I believe that the hard whitelist is preventing the device to check.

Any idea what website have to be allowed for this?


Do you absolutely need to use safari or can you use another browser?
I personally would avoid using the web content filter.

As you have experienced content filter can block access to MDM which makes it risky to be used i.e. one mistake with the policy and you lose remote control over all your devices.

Personally I would leverage a browser which accepts app config so that the configuration can be maintained at the application level.

Both Edge and Chrome support this (both use Chromium underneath)

Configuration settings are here:

EDIT: To answer your question regarding what websites you need to whitelist if you do go ahead with the Web Content Filter, look here:

Looks like Google have taken out App Config out of Chrome for iOS
Edge looks to be the only option

Actually, we have both Edge and Safari, as I need to do some App configuration through Safari.

This looks that Microsoft will force you to use Edge in the future. :smiley: