MobileIron Android For Work(AfW) - Implementation steps to enabling, simplified

There are a lot of documents around on how to setup AFW. They are sometimes long and cumbersome but getting access to the high level that is required to explain to a customer in an easy manor is hard, here is the high level process required for Android for Work to be used with an EMM:

  1. A Google Apps account, domain name and a supported EMM provider
  2. Admin access to everything mentioned above, where you will need to verify the domain, or someone who does :smile:
  3. Create users in Google Apps Create users in EMM EXACTLY the same as you did in Google Apps
  4. Enable authentication in Google Developer portal
  5. Enabling the EMM API and enabling OAuth for the domain
  6. Download the JSON file
  7. Download the MDM key from Google Apps Enter all the information and JSON into the EMM provider and hit save
  8. Setup the Android for Work Apps to be deployed to user’s devices and configure accordingly
  9. Users should now be able to register and received the activate Android for Work prompts

MobileIron Example:

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