MobileIron Core 9.1 - iOS Profile Installation Failed

After upgrading to MobileIron Core v9.1 ( Build 64) we experienced an issue with new iOS enrolments failing at the “Install Profile” stage with the error message “Profile Installation Failed, Invalid Profile”.

The issue seems to be caused by the “System - iOS Enrollment SCEP” profile being set to “User Certificate” and “Centralized” instead of “Device Certificate” and “Decentralized”.
If you come across this issue make sure you log a ticket with MobileIron Support or your Support Partner as root access to the appliance will be required to fix the fault.

Note: Make sure you capture Full tech logs with Database before any upgrade, this will allow Support to easily replicate faults and provide fixes in future releases.

Thanks Brendan, since the other link has been re-posted I will get Ken to restore the content and have this post removed.

Users dealing with Apple devices which are currently, or were, enrolled in Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) may face MDM invalid profile issues: “ The configuration for your iPhone or iPad could not be downloaded. The Configuration profile is not available “.You can remove MDM profile by usign iActivate software