MobileIron Core 9.4 - The Top 5 Things to Know

New MobileIron Core 9.4 introduces powerful new features aimed at enhancing security, further strengthening multi-OS support, and improving the user experience, not only for admins, but the users they support.
Let’s take a look at some of the top highlights!

iOS 9.3 Education and iOS 10.3 Support
MobileIron Core 9.4 supports key Apple Education use cases introduced in iOS 9.3. The iPads used in education can be now configured properly with the correct Education payload, and by integrating with Apple School Manager (ASM), class rosters can be pushed to the devices. As a result, the Classroom app enables both teachers and students to benefit from an enhanced workflow and a better classroom experience.

MobileIron Core 9.4 has support for many of the great new enterprise features that Apple introduced in iOS 10.3.

Among these supported features are a new Wi-Fi restriction for supervised devices which allows an administrator to create a restriction to only allow connections to Wi-Fi networks configured that were created by the mobile admin.

Support for more granular S/MIME options in iOS 10.3 enables encryption and signing of email messages for purposes of improved usability and enhanced security.

Admins are now able to control OS updates for for Supervised devices regardless if they are DEP enrolled or not, such as iReg. All supervised devices are up-to-date with the latest version of iOS. Admins can now simplify and speed DEP enrollment by enabling users to skip several Setup Assistant screens during DEP registration, including: Display Tone, iCloud and Home Button.

The ability to specify IPv4 or IPv6 or both transport for voice and/or data traffic ensures that organizations with mandates to provide iPv6 transport are able to extend compliance to mobile OS devices.
In addition, MobileIron Core 9.4 supports variables when configuring Lock Screen Message Policy.

Android Enterprise Support
MobileIron Core 9.4 includes support for Android enterprise (formerly Android for Work), resulting in improved security for work apps, a better native app store experience, and enhanced single use device support.

By taking advantage of Android Enterprise Work Challenge, admins can protect enterprise content on a device using a separate passcode.
By leveraging this new capability, admins can now secure work apps and data with a higher security password profile that doesn’t impair the user’s access to the device.
Admins can also deliver enterprise apps via Google Play, which allows users to view Android enterprise apps in the work profile or in device owner mode.

Using Google Play, users can now access apps via the native app store and benefit from a native experience, because they no longer have to use MobileIron Apps@Work to get to their apps.

Finally, MobileIron Core 9.4 support for the Kiosk mode for Android enterprise “device owner” mode allows admins to secure “single use” devices in a locked down environment with only permitted apps being made available.

Easier Windows 10 Desktop Security and Management with a New Intuitive UI
MobileIron Core 9.4 now features a more intuitive UI to enable easier management of Windows 10 desktops when leveraging MobileIron Bridge.

For example, adding Bitlocker with MobileIron Bridge for Windows 10 desktop enables admins to encrypt and recover data from devices using the recovery options provided in MobileIron Core. Also, using MobileIron Bridge, admins can now remove bloatware that comes on Windows 10 desktops, directly from the OS.

So, rather than having to re-image a tablet with a more scaled down list of applications, MobileIron Core 9.4 and MobileIron Bridge can help remove those applications at device enrollment.

Other notable benefits offered by the new intuitive UI are the ability to add network or shared printers, enable admins to manage Group Policy Objects (GPOs) settings with MobileIron Bridge so that they can easily search through and select needed settings from more than 4,000 GPOs that exist in a desktop’s registry.

Application dependencies (extra programs or libraries required for an application to run) for Windows 10 devices can now be managed by MobileIron Core 9.4, and identified during upload; plus, MobileIron Core improves the user experience by allowing customization of the Customer Terms of Use (TOU) page to be presented to users of new Azure Active Directory (AAD) registrations.

New Delegated Administration Capabilities
MobileIron Core 9.4 offers many improvements that allow admins to conduct more granular and scalable management. One example can be found in Delegated Administration. New space editing and configuration options allow admins the convenience of modifying both the space name, and space criteria at will; rather than having to create a new space in order to make changes.

IT admins gain greater autonomy and control over their space, now having the ability to manage four new configurations within their space -i.e.VPN, Wi-FI, Exchange and Email configs.
Global admins now have the ability to limit access to Core in a more granular way. If a global admin chooses to restrict an admin from viewing the Core dashboard, they can now do so while still providing access to device and user information.

Additionally, if a global admin wants to give another admin access to config management but doesn’t want them to be able to delete any configs, that is now achievable as well.
Also important to note is that users can now be granted the convenience of indicating device ownership (corporate-owned or employee-owned) during registration of the device, rather than automatically having ownership assigned based on the default setting in MobileIron Core.

Graduated Compliance Actions
MobileIron Core 9.4 enables admins to create named Compliance Actions with multiple sequential actions that will be performed when devices are determined to be out-of-compliance with Compliance or Security Policy.

Sequential actions can be defined for up to four Tiers and includes the ability to insert a configurable Wait interval of hours or days in between each sequential action in Tiers 2 - 4. This feature enables administrators to create graduated compliance actions and establish time limits before taking increasingly restrictive actions.

With these and other new capabilities in MobileIron Core 9.4, leading organizations can continue to accelerate on their mobile journey for business transformation and productivity.

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