MobileIron Core KNOX Mobile Enrollment

I would like to deploy Samsung S8/S8+ device using KNOX Mobile Enrollment (KME) in Android Enterprise Device Owner mode, has anyone had any success with MobileIron Core?

I have not yet determined what defines a Device Administrator vs Device Owner enrollment from the portal.

Samsung KME Support info;

The following states support from MobileIron and demonstrates how to deploy using AirWatch;

It would seem I was just looking in the wrong place, once the apk is uploaded into the mdm profile the following is made avaliable;

I’ve done it. You need Knox 2.8, check the box for device owner and make sure the device owner config on Core is pushed out to all android devices or a similar filter label.

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Thanks adam, everything seems to be working now. Using KME also fixed an issue with the enrollment process I was seeing when using the DPC identifier to enable Device Owner.

Also to follow up, the following material will help anyone setting up Device Owner on KME;