MobileIron Core v9.0.1.0 Maintenance Release

MobileIron Core v9.0.1.0 Maintenance Release includes the following updates and fixes:

  • Volume Purchase Plan (VPP) Device-based Licensing
    MobileIron Core can distribute a VPP app to iOS 9 devices instead of assigning the app to an Apple ID. Eliminating the Apple ID requirement on every device greatly simplifies large scale deployments.

  • Added the ability for Core to manage OS Updates on Device Enrollment Program (DEP) managed devices

  • Added the ability to periodically send ‘Validate Applications’ command for managed apps (iOS 9.2.1 and higher)
    Prevents the app from becoming disabled if it becomes invalid as MobileIron Core checks more frequently with Apple server on validity of the managed app.

  • Added the ability to silently install AppConnect apps
    MobileIron Core provides configurable option for admin to silently install mandatory AppConnect apps.

  • Added new Device Detail field “Security Reason” for Android devices
    MobileIron Core provides an easier way to discover the reason why users’ devices are rooted/jailbroken so that the admin can get them back into service quickly and without a support call.

  • Added the ability to configure the option “Remove app or leave it on device when MDM profile is removed” (iOS only)
    Admins can chose to leave the app or remove it when a MDM profile is pulled from the device as a result of device retire or wipe.

  • Added the ability to enforce specific versions on mandatory Android in-house applications
    MobileIron Core provides a configurable option for mandatory in-house Android apps to notify Mobile@Work client whether or not the current version of the application on the device matches app catalog.

Announcement: Core v9.0.1.0 Temporarily Unavailable for Download

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MobileIron Core Build 2 has been released to fix database schema issues causing some upgrades to fail.