MobileIron Core v9.1 with iOS 10 Mail

iOS 10 Mail Testing

With the recent iOS 10 update we wanted to test the new application removal feature, specifically the mail application.

Test conditions;

  • Core Build 64
  • iPhone 6 Plus - iOS 10.0.1


  1. Basic exchange profile created point to O365 (
  2. Mail application ( added to Core and assigned to the iOS label.
  3. Mail app is already installed on the device and profile is pushed, email works as expected.
  4. Removed Mail app from iPhone
  5. Tested;
    5a. Installing Mail from App Catalog
    5b. Pushing Mail app from Core (Send Message)
    Neither option worked.
  6. Reinstalled Mail from the Apple App Store, the application installed correctly but did not dispaly the existing email profile.
  7. Can not manually add the profile as it already exists, confirmed the profile exists under Settings > General > Device Management > {Profile Name} > Accounts
  8. Re-pushed the email profile from core to the device manually (this was the only way to restore email on this device)

At this stage I am unsure if the MDM should be able to re-install the Mail application or if this is just a limitation from Apple (We have seen the same install issue with an AirWatch deployment), more testing is needed.