Prepare for iOS 12 and macOS Mojave

Apple have released an official for major changes in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave.

Changes introduced in iOS 12

  • Apple products will completely distrust Symantec CAs as early as Fall 2018. (
  • The Federal Common Policy Root CA has been removed from the iOS Trust Store ( Organizations that require the Federal Common Policy Root CA can distribute it in a profile payload.
  • FTP and File URL schemes for Proxy Automatic Configuration (PAC) are deprecated. HTTP and HTTPS are the only supported URL schemes for PAC. This includes PAC URLs configured by a user in Settings, or by a configuration profile.

Changes introduced in macOS Mojave

Official Apple Article:

Hi @daniil_michine , is there a way in Intune we could use or any other method for the devices (iOS )registered in intune to get Notification or an alert . this is mainly to alert user asking to not to update to iOS 12 untill we qualify testing.

In MoileIron we had a way to use assembler and script it to send notification alert. similarly in Intune, any idea.

Hi @Dheeraj2cool,
I can not see any functionality in the Azure Graph API supporting sending push notification messages to devices.

If your devices are supervised consider applying a custom config with enforcedSoftwareUpdateDelay and forceDelayedSoftwareUpdates defined.

More info can be found at

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HI Andrew, Yes, only 10 % of devices are supervised and rest are normal and i knowits difficult to control.

there is an option in Azure which we could make use to send PNS to devices. Using Azure notification hub.

However we cannot do this wit Comp portal as its owned by MS and we do not have source code to send PNS. More info:

This is in top 3 Intune requested features in the Intune Feedback forum.

According to the last comment work started on this back in 2017…

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