Problem installing internal application on airwatch

I am new to using Airwatch and I am having problem installing an internal application. The application has been associated to a smartgroup. But when I click to install, the app would install on the iphone but does not worked. From looking at troubleshooting,

Install Provisioning Profile Failed sysadmin [Error Code : 25001 The provisioning profile could not be installed (Error: -402,620,398).

From looking at the application, it is using “embedded.mobileprovision”

Remove on Unenrolled is enabled on the application in Airwatch.

Can someone give me some advices if the issue is on the ipa file that was uploaded or Airwatch setting? Thanks.

Sounds like an issue with the IPA itself, can you install it on the device directly without MDM?

I’d suspect issues with application signing or provisioning profile.