Removing old management profile

A new colleague wants to BYOD his iphone 8 which he received as a farewell gift from his former, now defunct employer. It still has a management profile installed, even though the license seems to be deactivated. Under the profile settings I don’t have the option to delete/remove the management profile. What is the best way to proceed?

looks like its tied to a DEP account. what if the device is reset? does he stil get the profile pushed again?

Yes, he still gets the profile pushed. It appears directly during the configuration process.

Then there is not much he can do. You will need to get in touch with the IT admin at the old company and see if they can get the device removed from DEP.

When the device is wiped, can he enrol back into the previous MDM? or has it been decommissioned?

Do you know what the previous MDM solution is/was?

As was said above, there is a way to remove Apple device from DEP. iActivate Software is the best and reliable solution designed to solve this issue via configuration profile bypass/removal.