Rugged Devices in Airwatch


we have a issue that our rugged devices ( up 7.0 Android - legacy and enterprise ) dont support our wifi certificate. Early for 3 weeks ago I can enroll this devices as Enterprise or legacy device and can install manualy certificate in Intelligent Hub as WiFi Certificate. Since 2 weeks we cant do it anymore. AirWatch support have the sane issue with Zebra TC52 device. Have anybody the same issue ?

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Is the issue only with Zebra devices? Have you asked Zebra? Have you installed any patches on the devices or AW? Have the certs expired or other time-related issues on devices and servers? Can you issue a cert to a non-rugged device?

Its not very clear from your post.
Has it worked before and suddenly stopped working?
Or has it never worked?

If it has worked before I’d recommend checking your root and intermediate certs to ensure none of them have expired/been revoked.

Hi folks,
sorry I was busy last time. We have CipherLab Rugged device and AirWatch Support Zebra device. This issue was on both devices. our certs is not expired. The same certificate I can successfully install on over 5000 ios devices and samsung devices.
Yes daniil it work bevor. We have over 500 rugged devices already in use.
Now I have a chance to enroll my device with my certs on testdpc by airwatch may be we found any solution.