Samsung Knox Enrollment & Airwatch


I read about Samsung Knox Enrollment and it looks interesting since all our smarpthones and tablets are Samsung devices.
Anyone uses this service in companion with AirWatch?
Is it simple to setup? (I’ve an on-premises aw )
Does it provide support for Android enterprise Wiork Managed mode?
I won’t need no more end user to insert his password, right?!!

Really thank you in advance

Yes, we have used with auth AirWatch in the past

Yes the setup is simple and is mainly done on Samsung Knox end, most of your questions should be answered by the Samsung Knox FAQ and VMware docs

Yes it does.

If you require to identify users they will still need to enter their credentials, however you can avoid gmail accounts and most of the new phone setup.

Hi @daniil_michine, really thank you for the repsonse!

Just 2 questions:

  • you wrote you “have used”, there is a particular reason you don’t use it no more?
  • can you confirm (again) that with Know mobile enrollment and Airwatch I won’t be able to pre assign a device to a specific domain user in the same way I can with DEP and “Default Staging user”? So that the device can pre download all user assgined applications and when the users receives it, he only has to insert his email password.

Thank you again

We’ve setup it up for clients.

The only values you can pass to the AirWatch Agent via KME is the server name and the group ID, it does not look like you can pass a default user account.