Samsung Mobile Enrollment Portal no longer accepts manual uploads of device IMEI's or serial numbers

Samsung has updated the Mobile Enrollment portal and no longer accepts manual uploads of device IMEI’s or serial numbers to be approved for bulk enrollment.

For a device to be considered for Knox Mobile Enrollment it must be purchased through an approved reseller, and the reseller must populate the IMEI’s/SN’s to the Knox Portal.

This guide will be updated to reflect the Samsung guidance when available. The Samsung announcement can be viewed at What’s new with Knox Mobile Enrollment? | Samsung Knox

The Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment program allows administrators to register qualified Samsung devices to MobileIron Core or MobileIron Cloud.

With KNOX Mobile Enrollment, a device can be shipped directly from an approved reseller to an end user. The device IMEI’s are populated into the Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment portal by the qualified seller, after which devices become ready for enrollment.

After a device has been populated to the KME portal by an approved reseller, admins can upload a CSV to the KNOX Mobile Enrollment portal with optional enrollment credentials. This information is passed to the device along with the MobileIron agent (APK) and the user will be automatically enrolled at the time of device activation, or by using an NFC Bump application or by accessing the website from the device browser.

Samsung KNOX Mobile Enrollment does not require additional KNOX licensing such as KNOX Workspace, it is currently a free service.

Pretty disappointing, I’d literally just added it to my list of services to experiment with a couple of weeks back; having to go through the approved reseller route now adds more complexity and requires a budget (since that now rules out my hoard of local, compatible devices).

At a time when DEP is starting to open up you’d think others wouldn’t be heading the opposite direction… Google’s launching Zero touch with authorised resellers, too; something I’ve complained to the AE team about a couple of times (in vain no doubt).